Power Testing Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior College

Number of Recruiters:



1-3 Years

Work Area:


1. According to the testing plan, execute the company's medical switch power supply testing and verification work, and generate a testing report based on the actual test results
2. Follow up on the progress of testing verification and subsequent effectiveness confirmation, improve testing standard documents, and provide reasonable suggestions for testing standards and testing templates
3. Responsible for conducting a reasonable assessment of the risks during the validation process, developing effective avoidance measures, and ensuring that the risk assessment is feasible and meaningful& nbsp;
4. Responsible for point inspection and maintenance of instruments and equipment
5. Responsible for verifying and testing the performance EMC, reliability, and lifespan of the product development phase
6. Responsible for product sample testing during the research and development phase

Job requirements:
1. Experience in testing in the switching power supply industry, with medical switching power supply testing experience preferred
2. Familiar with the principles of digital and analog circuits, with strong analytical skills in switching power supply circuits, able to read English testing standard documents, CET-4
3. Be familiar with various topological structures of switching power supply, black box and white-box testing test techniques and reliability test verification, have a deep understanding and understanding of test verification principles, and be familiar with industry test standards
4. Proficient in various testing equipment, such as oscilloscopes, electrical parameter testing instruments, and other operating software