Power Hardware Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior College

Number of Recruiters:



1-3 Years

Work Area:

GuangDong Province

1. Design, develop, debug, and meet customer functional and performance requirements for hardware products;  

2. Complete hardware products that meet functional performance requirements and quality standards as planned;  

3. Develop a detailed development plan for new products and promote the process of product development;

4. Design detailed schematic diagrams and participate in PCB layout based on product technical requirements;  

5. Compile and organize project documents, quality records, and other relevant documents;  

6. Responsible for the allocation of resources and personnel within the project;

7. Responsible for establishing and improving mature template circuits in the R&D center.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in Power Electronics and related majors;

2. At least 3 years of hardware technology development experience in power supply products;

3. Proficient in hardware development skills, master relevant professional knowledge and business processes in the industry;  

4. Familiar with commonly used hardware development tools and software, such as PADS, Protel, AutoCAD, etc;  

5. Capable of independently undertaking research and development projects for large-scale power supply products;  

6. Good English reading ability, able to read English test materials.

7. Work rigorously and meticulously, with a sense of responsibility;  

8. Diligent and down-to-earth, good at thinking problems;  

9. Has a sense of time, strong independence, and a team spirit.


1. The 8-hour working system includes weekends and weekends, and employees are entitled to annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave, and funeral leave in accordance with national laws;

2. Upon entry, purchase five insurances and one fund, as well as comprehensive allowances for high temperature, communication, and full attendance;

3. There are many activities for employees in the company and departments, including cultural and sports activities, monthly team building, employee birthday parties, holiday benefits, annual physical examinations, etc;

4. A good team atmosphere, comprehensive human care, full trust and authorization;

5. A sound training system, broad personal development space and promotion space;

6. Excellent employees can enjoy equity incentives.